Who Is AMG Consulting Group Inc?

We are a Full Service Credit Counseling Company. We understand that everyone’s credit matters and financial situations are unique. This is why AMG offers comprehensive, personalized proven Credit Counseling and Restoration Programs that will get you the results you want and desire. We are always available for our clients 7 days a week 7 AM to 7 PM. 

How Do You Know You Need Help?


  1. When you can’t make the minimum payments on your credit cards.
  2. You are consistently late paying one or more of your regular bills.
  3. You are being hounded with collection calls by creditors and/or collection agencies.
  4. Your efforts to work out reasonable repayment plans with your creditors have failed.
  5. When you are denied the opportunity of opening a new Bank Account.

Yes You Can Repair Your Own Credit.

The Federal Trade Commission offers many Consumer Services that will help you understand your credit and finances. These Consumer Services are available to every individual. This is a time consuming process that can be stressful and overwhelming at times, that is why AMG offers affordable alternatives for our clients.

How Does AMG’s Programs Work?

  1. We start the Credit Restoration Process by offering you a free consultation while we review your credit reports and/or consumer reports with you.
  2. When you decide to use AMG’s services, you would first sign a General Agreement and a Limited Power of Attorney, authorizing AMG to communicate with your Creditor’s and/or Bank’s on your behalf. You will also receive a copy of AMG’s Privacy Policy.
  3. We will then work side by side with you on contacting the Credit/Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) in order to dispute any inaccuracies and/or incorrect information posted on your personal Credit/Consumer Reports.
  4. You will receive revised reports from the (CRA’s) in 30 days or less. These revised reports will show the updates that have been posted to your Credit/Consumer Reports.
  5. AMG will then contact each Creditor, Collection Company and/or Banking Institution to Negotiate Settlement Agreements on any amounts owed by you. AMG will also request in writing a deletion letter from the Creditor(s) and/or Banks, so the negative account(s) can be removed from your Credit/Consumer Reports.

How Long Does The Process Take?

 AMG offers a 60 day Expedited Service and a 6 Month Program, you must first understand that every client’s credit and financial needs are unique because Credit/Consumer Reports are like fingerprints, everyone is different. Each client will start to receive results in 30 days or less. 

Setting Goals:

  1.  Short Term Goals (1 to 6 months) Develop a structured budget, Negotiate Settlement Agreements with outstanding Creditors/Banks and update the (CRA’s) with verification of payments and/or deletion letters to increase your credit scores.
  2. Mid Term Goals (6 to 18 months) Paying off credit cards, planning a vacation, major purchases: such as a new car and/or remodeling your home.
  3. Long Term Goals (3 to 5 years) Buying a new home, planning for your children’s college education, new investments and planning for your retirement.


Financial Goals are very important because they help you achieve the things you want and desire out of life. Planning, Patience and the Willingness to work hard with a structured budget will accomplish all of the above.